Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

Sometimes even a chap such as Percy needs help cracking the tougher nuts. Never fear! Go to the Hangar and lets see what we have.

What’s this? The Mark 4 ‘Bounder’ Bomb. I like the sound of this. “Packed with enough TNT to rattle the Kaiser’s teeth in Berlin!”

That’s the ticket! Load us up.

Its always worth a look in the Hangar!


Looks like Percy’s ready to fly.

Wait a moment Percy, not just yet. Cmdr Barkington has some last minute tips for you. Pay attention, there’s a good chap!

Right all set. Time to give the enemy a damn good British thrashing! Trousers down, Six of the best!


I say! There’s Percy and Cmdr Barkington now!

Two men to get the job done and no doubt about it. You just need to look at the magnificence of those moustaches.

Time to fly Percy! Tally Ho!

Here’s our man in action again! Look at him take on the might of an enemy bomber. Good show Percy!

I see he’s added a few a upgrades to the old “Kite”. Those boys will soon be feeling hot under the collar when Percy turns ‘The Roaster’ on them. The latest thing from our science boffin’s labs – an Ernst & Prattle Flamethrower no less.

Finish off that Bomber and get home in time for tea Percy!